Email Marketing Consultant 

Do you want to discover tips to improve the success of your email marketing campaigns? Do you need a second pair of eyes to proof your emails? If so, get in touch. I provide email marketing consultancy at affordable rates. 

I have several years of experience project managing email marketing campaigns in medium and large companies. I can advise on tips and best practice techniques which you can then apply to your future email campaigns. 

What I can provide:

  • An independent opinion on your email marketing 
  • Advice on email marketing best practice
  • Suggestions on how to improve conversion rates
  • Insight into your email marketing analytics (previous campaigns)
  • Advice on content marketing and automation, including lead nurture programmes

I can review either one email, a campaign or conduct a review of your email account. 

Who can I do it for:

  • Small businesses in London / UK

To get a quote:

 Simply fill in your details and requirements below and I'll be in touch.  


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